NeoTherm Consulting develops a calculation software dedicated to the refrigeration and HVAC industry : RefriHVAC

In this field, refrigeration specialists or business managers often use Excel tools developed internally. These tools are extremely time consuming to create, difficult to use and to maintain (obsolescence of the macro language, loss of knowledge due to the departure of the developer).

NeoTherm Consulting offers a tool designed specifically for the refrigeration and HVAC industry entirely FREE !


Complete & free download of RefriHVAC software

RefriHVAC is a calculation software dedicated to the refrigeration and HVAC industry. This version is complete and it is distributed for free by NeoTherm Consulting.        

This software is your tool for business calculations and allows you to do :

Refrigeration cycle calculations

  • Single-stage cycle (with or without intermediate heat exchanger/saver, with or without liquid injection)

  • Two-stage cycle (total or partial liquid injection, with or without intermediate exchanger/saver)

  • Transcritical CO2 cycle (with or without intercooler/saver)

  • Transcritical CO2 booster cycle

  • Cascade cycle

Single-Stage Cycle Sheet with Intermediate Exchanger
Two-stage cycle sheet with total injection

Tools for your realizations in the field of HVAC

  • Sizing of air handling units

    • Calculation of supply air conditions (required supply air flow rate, temperature/humidity) from the data of your specifications (thermal and hydric loads, required supply air temperature)

    • All fresh air solution or with stale air return (option of automatic calculation of the mixing flow rate or flow rate imposed by the user)

    • Calculation of the power of the various components of your AHU

    • Calculation of the water or steam flow rates for your humidifiers

    • Calculation of the condensate flow rates on your coil / recuperator

    • Components taken into account (depending on your installation): Mixing box, Heat recovery unit, Hot coil (preheating and/or heating and/or terminal), Cold coil with or without dehumidification, Adiabatic and/or steam humidifier.

  • Balancing of hydraulic networks : Calculation of the Kv of balancing valves

    • up to 10 emitters/stage

    • up to 8 floors/column

    • up to 10 columns

  • Geothermal module simulation : Calculation of thermal power and fluid outlet temperature for 3 types of geothermal probes

    • Vertical probe

    • Surface probe

    • Baskets

  • Calculation of solar thermal air panel : Calculation of energy savings through the installation of a solar air collector for the preheating of fresh air in a building.

    • Takes into account the orientation and inclination of the collector

    • Calculation of the monthly and annual energy consumption of the basic building based on the type of construction (RT2012, RT2005, etc.), the surface area of the building and its location (12 possible cities, with monthly average temperature data entered), type of energy used (electricity, gas, fuel oil, wood, etc.)

    • Calculation of the CO2 emissions saved and the energy savings through the installation of the solar air collector system

    • Calculation of the return-on-investment time

  • Expansion tank calculation : Calculation of the volume of an expansion tank for a heating system

AHU sheet
Geothermal sheet

Tools for your realizations in the field of Industrial Refrigeration

  • Cold room sizing : Calculation of loads to be fought

    • Choice of simple design (any wall of the room uniform, floor and/or ceiling insulated or not) or complex design of cold room (different walls), including up to 3 different wall materials.

    • Automatic calculation of the cooling and/or freezing power of your foodstuffs (up to 5 different foodstuffs (type/weight, temperature of arrival of the products) on a choice of more than 50 possible foodstuffs by drop-down menu: meat/fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, beverages, choice of a specific foodstuff possible).

    • Consideration of lighting, air infiltration through door openings, human activities, machines and equipment present in the cold room.

  • Refrigerant retrofit analysis tool for an installation

    • Brief F-GAS analysis (PRG/GWP criteria, flammability, main recommendations).

    • Comparaison de performances de cycle entre deux fluide frigorigène.

    • Possibility to compare with a transcritical CO2 cycle.

    • Performance analysis, comparisons and cycle plots.

  • Compressor calculation

    • Calculation of the mass flow rate of a refrigerant in a refrigeration cycle according to the specific data of a compressor.


    • Calculates the heating and cooling capacities of a refrigeration cycle by calculating the mass flow rate and data concerning the fluid and the refrigeration cycle.

    • Available on piston, screw or scroll compressors.

  • Refrigerant thermophysical properties calculation : Calculate in an instant all the thermophysical properties of your refrigerants

Cold Room Sheet
Refrigerant Retrofit Sheet

Additional tools to perform your daily calculations

  • Calculation of singular pressure losses in pipes (elbow, widening and narrowing of section, grid).

  • Calculation of KS for heat exchangers (evaporator, condenser, evapo-condenser).

  • Calculation of thermophysical properties of any type of fluid and material (more than 300 fluids: refrigerants, conventional fluids (water, seawater, etc.), brine (glycol water MEG/MPG, etc.), oil, metals, etc.).

  • Calculation of energy conservation and estimation of heat exchange surface for a heat exchanger..

Singular Pressure Drop Calculation
Energy balance sheet and estimation of exchange surface
RefriHVAC software is improved and enriched over time according to the needs and feedbacks of users.

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