NeoTherm Consulting offers expertise in diagnosing and characterizing your installations using non-intrusive measuring devices.

We have measurement equipment that allows us to intervene on site to diagnose the operation of your equipment and facilities: heat exchanger, cooling or heating process, thermal facilities, storage, fluid distribution ...

Our services :
  • Carry out a diagnosis of your installations/equipment under real operating conditions (no shutdown of your installations),
  • Characterize the performance of your equipment and facilities,
  • Propose concrete and feasible solutions in line with the process constraints.
Our measuring instruments :

  • Flow measurement by ultrasonic flowmeter,
  • Infrared measurement by thermal camera (measurement range -50°C to 650°C),
  • Wall temperature measurement (contact thermometer).
  • Visualization by endoscopic camera.
  • Current measurement by current clamp.
Study of the shell side flow by IR camera

We carry out measurement campaigns by preparing an action plan upstream : analysis of operating conditions, analysis of objectives, analysis of potential malfunctions, upstream analysis of malfunction hypotheses, upstream analysis of improvement solutions, implementation of an experimental plan..

Once the measurements are completed, we perform an advanced analysis of the measurement data to :

  • Identify the causes of a dysfunction and support our hypotheses,

  • Identify possible actions to solve a potential malfunction (in relation to the levers available in situ),

  • Propose solutions to improve your processes if necessary.

Examples of achievements :
  • Improvement of a steel coil cooling process by water jet,
  • IR diagnosis and ultrasonic flow measurement to characterize the initial performance of the system,
  • Sensitivity study of the action lever parameters on the cooling performances via IR camera (residence time, flow, orientation of the jets),
  • Advanced analysis of the measurement data in order to :
    Propose improvement solutions
    Provide the customer with the optimum operating conditions to aim for the whole of its product range
  • Detection of a distribution fault in a two-phase fluid,
  • IR diagnosis,
  • Proposal of improvement devices,
  • Sensitivity study, via IR camera, on the performances of the various proposed devices.
IR thermography on BPHE – Distribution analysis