NeoTherm Consulting supports you in the different phases of your heat exchanger project through the following 3 offers :

NeoTherm Consulting provides its clients with services for the technological choice, sizing or performance verification of heat exchangers for :

  • Any heat exchanger technology (standard or specific)
  • Any heat transfer mode (single phase, evaporation, condensation)
  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
  • Optimization research...

“Technological Choice” offer : Technological recommendation/choice in accordance with your specifications and constraints

The proper functioning of an installation and its durability are strongly conditioned by the choice of a heat exchanger technology in accordance with the data and constraints of your specifications.

NeoTherm Consulting puts all its skills and its experience feedback to help you select the right heat exchanger technology and, whenever possible, puts you in direct contact with the suppliers best able to meet this demand.

“Pre-design" offer :

For the edition of your global offers and the costing of a heat exchanger for your projects, NeoTherm Consulting proposes you to realize a Pre-design of your heat exchanger.

This "pre-design" offer allows you to obtain the main geometric and performance characteristics of your heat exchanger in a short time and at a low cost.

For a more precise complete design including a report of the methods used and the detailed results of your design, the "Design" offer is essential.

“Design" offer :

The design offer is the subject of a complete analysis of your specifications and leads to the drafting of a detailed design report including all the geometrical data, the thermo-physical properties data, the details of the thermo-hydraulic results (partial and global heat exchange coefficients, friction factors, detailed pressure drops (collectors, heat exchanger), the calculation methods as well as the edition of a usual heat exchanger specification data sheet.

Some examples of our work :

  • Retrofit of an installation - Change of refrigerants: Verification of the new performances of a heat exchanger

  • Orientation of technological choice, sizing and optimization research on space requirements criterion, manufacturers research for custom-made heat exchanger : Aeronautics / Military application

  • Sizing of an evapo-condenser TEMA K heat exchanger (Kettle Reboiler) according to specifications: Civil nuclear application

  • Study of the needs, drafting of the specifications and sizing of a device for heating and maintaining the temperature of a chemical storage tank: Chemical industry application

  • Proposal of heat transfer intensification solutions and evaluation of heat exchanger performance in the context of production increase : Industry application