NeoTherm develops your software with a sustainable solution regarding operation, compatibility and maintenance.

We develop custom software for our customer’s thermal applications (heat exchanger, thermodynamic cycle, thermal system). We develop for you specific calculation methods and we can also implement your proprietary business rules. Our development tools allow the creation of advanced, interactive and ergonomic interfacing.

In the field of thermal and energy in the broadest sense, many engineers and project managers often use Excel tools developed internally. These tools are extremely time-consuming to create, difficult to use and to maintain (obsolescence of the macro language, loss of knowledge due to the departure of the developer).

NeoTherm Consulting proposes the development of your calculation tools designed especially for you according to your needs.

  • Your needs can be clearly defined or NeoTherm can also intervene in the expression phase of the need.

  • Our software is equipped with ergonomic, advanced and easy to use interfaces for any collaborator.

  • The results can be displayed as self-generated tables and/or curves, custom specification sheets including your logos, your own diagrams or diagrams designed by us at your request.

  • The operation is made easy because of the presence of numerous aids (diagrams, explicit buttons) directly on each software tool.

  • Maintenance is reduced to a minimum and compatibility is assured.

  • The source code can be blocked, made available (reading) or modifiable according to your wishes.

Example of realization

  • Software development of heat exchanger design for an OEM based on the customer's proprietary business rules;

  • Software development of exchanger design for new technology;

  • Software development for the simulation of the performances of a cold production system (simulation on each component of the cycle, research of the laws of operation, reading of weather file, automatic creation of tables and curves, ...).