NeoTherm Consulting offers a unique expertise on your heat exchanger fouling problems.

Our objective :

Predict the decrease in performance of your equipment to :

  • Know the real impact of fouling on your performance,
  • Optimize your maintenance practices,
  • Reduce your operating costs.
Fouling detection using an endoscope camera
Our services :
  • Identification of fouling problems (nature/type, source of fouling, deposit analysis, etc.),

  • Measure the impact of fouling on the performance of your equipment,

  • Proposal of improvements to reduce the effects of fouling,

  • Development of fouling prediction models to optimize maintenance practices and reduce operating costs :

  • Method based on the use of Artificial Neural Networks
  • Requires only a few measurements sensors
  • Have an energy indicator to evaluate and reduce operating costs and optimize your maintenance practices
Photography of a fouled plate heat exchanger – River water



Example of realization : Water treatment field
  • Identification of the source of a fouling problem on a heat exchanger and on-site measurement campaigns,

  • Analysis of the measurement data in order to characterize the decrease in performance due to fouling,

  • Analysis of maintenance practices,

  • Proposal of relevant performance monitoring indicators to optimize maintenance practices.


Fouling identification
Measurement between maintenance periods
Development and validation of prediction model Prediction from 2 measurement sensors + time
Analysis via prediction model – Indicator for maintenance operation trigger threshold