Téléchargement RefriHVAC
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License Agreement
By installing (or applying an update to) RefriHVAC you agree to the agreement below. Please read it carefully. To use RefriHVAC, you must agree with all the points of this contract and accept all its general and specific conditions. This agreement constitutes a new contract which supersedes all possible agreements established previously.

Terms of use RefriHVAC :
Neotherm Consulting grants the user of RefriHVAC the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use RefriHVAC according to the terms and conditions defined below :
1) Neotherm Consulting retains as the holder of the rights, the intellectual property of RefriHVAC as well as all the prerogatives relating thereto.
2) Consequently, RefriHVAC cannot be copied, corrected, translated, adapted or modified without the prior authorization of Neotherm Consulting.
3) In addition, the user is prohibited from decompiling, disassembling RefriHVAC or attempting in any way to discover the source code.
4) The user will not acquire any intellectual property rights, nor any other rights than those conferred herein.
5) The user undertakes not to change or remove any mark or inscription appearing on the Software or related media.
6) The user agrees not to make RefriHVAC available to third parties, to market it or to grant a loan.

Limitation of Liability :
1) Neotherm Consulting disclaims all liability arising from direct or indirect damage in connection with the use or inability to use RefriHVAC and/or the associated documentation, including damage resulting from loss of profits, interruption activities, loss of information and the like, even if the user has been informed of the occurrence or possibility of such damages.
2) Neotherm Consulting does not in any way guarantee the performance or the results that the user may obtain by using RefriHVAC or the related documentation.
3) Neotherm Consulting does not give any guarantee concerning in particular the non-violation of the rights of third parties, the marketability or the suitability for a particular need or use. Under no circumstances can Neotherm Consulting be held liable in the event of a complaint from third parties.

RefriHVAC "Data" :
As part of the use of the RefriHVAC software, the user will be required to communicate to Neotherm Consulting certain personal data concerning him. All data transmitted to Neotherm Consulting is processed in accordance with the legislation in force.

Regarding customer data transmitted by the user to Neotherm Consulting

By using the RefriHVAC software, the user accepts that all the data encoded in the RefriHVAC software will be subcontracted by Neotherm Consulting, in the name and on behalf of the user, in accordance with the legislation in force and with this Privacy Policy.
Neotherm Consulting only processes the personal data transmitted to it by the user for the purpose of correctly executing its legal obligations and the contractual obligations which bind it to the user. These obligations include in particular :
- The transmission of data on servers belonging to or under the control of Neotherm Consulting;
- The hosting of data on servers belonging to or under the control of Neotherm Consulting;
- The copying of this data on replication servers belonging to or under the control of Neotherm Consulting;
- Access to this data for support or maintenance purposes;
- The communication of hosted data or user identification data at the request of the judicial or administrative authorities;
For the purpose of correctly performing the services chosen by the user, the personal data that may be transmitted to Neotherm Consulting are :
- Personal identification data;
- Electronic identification data;
- As well as the data necessary for the execution of the contract.

In order to comply with the tax and accounting obligations incumbent on the user, the personal data transmitted to Neotherm Consulting are kept for the duration of the contract concluded with Neotherm Consulting and for a period of 6 years from the last session. activity of the user, despite the deletion of the user's customer account, the end or even the termination of the contractual relationship between the user and Neotherm Consulting, for any reason whatsoever. The user acknowledges that the retention of the data transmitted beyond this period depends on his own act and not that of Neotherm Consulting.
Neotherm Consulting undertakes to process the personal data transmitted to it only for the purposes mentioned above. Under no circumstances will Neotherm Consulting process this personal data beyond what is necessary for the performance of the obligations imposed by the agreement which binds it to the user.
Neotherm Consulting will not disclose personal data directly or indirectly to any person, company or government entity. If such disclosure is necessary for the proper processing of personal data, it can only take place after the user's prior written authorization and only within the framework of an obligation of confidentiality. Neotherm Consulting may, if it informs the user in advance, communicate personal data in accordance with an injunction issued by a court or a competent government body.
Neotherm Consulting ensures that the access and integrity of the personal data transmitted to it are guaranteed by appropriate protective measures and organizational measures.

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