NeoTherm Consulting is the developer of the EchTherm™ calculation software dedicated to heat exchangers.   

This software is distributed exclusively by GRETh, Groupement pour la Recherche sur les Échangeurs Thermique (French Heat Exchanger Research Group), a reference in the field.

EchTherm  (for Heat Exchange) is intended to be easy to use and easy to learn, it integrates a new approach and a new sizing approach via basic engineering tools, this one is more progressive (step by step) and is based on the following theme: "From technology to sizing of exchangers"

This product is to be considered as a real "toolbox" for heat exchanger sizing. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is easy to use, didactic and meets the needs of many engineers, both experts and beginners.

Indeed, its "step by step" approach allows an easy and quick understanding of the phenomena involved in heat exchangers, as well as of the different parameters interacting in the sizing of exchangers, starting with the technological choice up to the fine analysis of the choice of empirical correlations and the operation in degraded conditions.

In addition to the calculation of the various parameters essential to the sizing of heat exchangers such as heat exchange coefficients and pressure drops, this software integrates many tools and thus allows :

  • To help in the choice of an exchanger technology adapted to an industrial process and its constraints: Technology Decision support;

  • To size or simulate the performance of a heat exchanger using simplified methods: Sizing / Simulation sheets;

  • To bring an expertise on the methods/correlations for the calculation of the thermo-hydraulic parameters (transfer coefficient and pressure drop): Expertise sheets (Expertise);

  • To assist in the thermal or mechanical diagnosis of the operation of a heat exchanger in degraded conditions: Mechanical & Thermal Diagnostic sheets;

  • To have access to additional calculation tools: Tools (TOOLS+) sheets.

This tool is thus dedicated to experts working continuously in the field of heat engineering but also to design office personnel for whom heat engineering is not a specialty.

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